10k on Sunday

So it is the Great Bristol 10k on Sunday. I have taken part in this race on 5 previous occasions. The first time I did it was when I was probably about 2 and a half stone heavier and I had only just started running – this was in 2010 and we were running as a big family team to raise money for SMA (spinal muscular atrophy) in memory of a young family member who had sadly lost his life to this disease. My time was a respectible 74 minutes! The following year I lost three stone and concentrated on getting fit! I skipped a year and next entered the race in 2012. I was really fit and getting some pretty quick training times but I was now suffering IT Band issues, I managed to achieve 61 mins and 38 seconds – I think I would’ve made it under the hour if the IT pain hadn’t kicked in around mile 4.

I had treatment for my IT band which included physio and changing my running style from heel strike to mid/fore foot strike. This was a challenging process and it took a while for me to get back up to speed. I ran it in 2013, 2014 and 2015 with varying degrees of success but I still haven’t made the sub 60 mins.

I would like to think this is going to be the year, but my body is unpredictable and it depends on how I feel on the day and also what the weather’s like! I have managed two sub 30′ parkruns now so all I have to do it join those two together and keep running at my 5k pace for the whole 10k. Simple. I will report back soon! Eeek!

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    1. Hi Will, if you go to my latest post – ‘they added a hill’ – that is all about the Bristol 10k although I haven’t made it obvious in the title! Sorry!! ( it was last Sunday:-))

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